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Here's some info about TFA and our members.

Group Info

TFA is a Dutch based Amiga Group.

TFA stands for 'The Flame Arrows', which was considered a kewl name when we started.
Now a days we preferred to be called TFA. Allthough the original name has returned in the
logo on top of this page B-)

TFA was founded back in 1988 by KILLogic, Mr. T and E.C.K. (stands for: European Computer
King, later changed to: Easy-K). And was progging on the good old C=64.

Anyways, after the Amiga's where bought, Price joined in. And that's when the real progging
started. The first TFA demo ever to be released was: Ode to our Girlfriends.

Later on Telekinetic (also known as 'Telekittelaar', so he changed his name to 'Armageddon a
few years later), Inkey, Nitrate and Cube entered the group. Giving TFA a solid foundation
that would keep the group going for years.

Between 1989 and 1992, TFA started various BSS'ses (including one in Australia and Sweden).
We also organised at least Two well attended Amiga Parties. We also went to various Amiga
Parties (The Party 3, 4, 5 and 6, Somewhere in Holland I & II, etc., etc.).

Actually, we where generaly very active in the Amiga Scene around that time B-)

The group didn't expand bigtime untill 1992, when Boushh and SQD entered. Untill then
TFA had just made a handfull of demo's (Vocal Attack and Plasmutex). Both Boushh and SQD
where determined to make more demo's. SQD did a lot of music between 1992 and 1995.
But Boushh struggled to learn Assembler. Boushh did finish one demo however. But this
was just an internal release. Finaly Boushh started on 'Final Impulse'. A music demo that
would let the world know how good SQD could make music. The demo was actually
finished in 1995 (during the Party '95), accept for some minor bugs. By the time these bugs
where fixed, demo's on disks where oldfashioned. But untill this day. Boushh never made
the demo HD instaleble.

In the mean time many people joind TFA. People like Tib, Target, Black Lady, SoB, RubyX,
Mr. Partyman (also known as 'Mr. Fartyman', so he left TFA in 1994), Samsman and a lot of
others. Also R.A.F. (The Royal Amiga Force, most known for there MegaMusic Demo's) made
an exclusive deal with TFA. Even a PC Group was started (Ground Zero), they did some
realy nice disk magazines.

In 1993 TFA teamed up with the well known Team Hoi (Games: Hoi, Clockwiser & Moon Child.
Utils: SidMon, Musician & RawAGA. Demo's: Hoi sAGA I & II as the most famous) to produce
the ultimate AGA demo: Hoi's AGA III. The demo was slated for a Party '93 release. But
due to loader problems the demo was released a few months later.

But by 1996, many members became in-active. And Ground-Zero was stopped. Some members
where fired (like Samsman, our Gfx artist who was unable to supply fonts in normal
dimensions. Instead he supplied fonts with sizes of '18x32', '9x9' and so on. But what
really put us over the edge was when we brought him home after the Party '95. In which
he was able to annoy us SO much, we never wanted to see him AGAIN...)

Luckely, other members where only getting in-active. But they stayed GOOD friends
and we still have parties at home with most of our memebers (except for Samsman, offcourse).

By 1997, most members where in-active, or moved into the PC scene. Infact, 1997 and 1998
where pretty low profile years. The only program left was 'ASM-One'. But we did our best
to get on top again. And the current release of ASM-One sure shows we are on the move again.

Tib even started to code some demo's. And we visited the Mekka & Symposium 2K-1, our
first party since 1996.

Active TFA Members


He's still working on ASM-One B-)


Still working on a demo !!

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